Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life Right Now

I saw this post on Ali Edwards and had to join in with her and everyone to post a little snap shot of our life. I also used several prompts from Elise Blaha.
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drinking carbonated water strawberry flavored
appreciating answers and medicine for my son’s persistent allergy related cough
watching Dinosaur Train
eating pizza (for dinner)
willing my son to get better
waiting for bedtime
sleeping in the middle of the bed with our dog Lulu since my husband went back to working overnights
considering starting my scrap for hire business
making scrapbook pages using digital page protectors. I have three major digital projects going- backyard fun, playgroup and Instagram photos.
feeling so tired and excited for hubby’s days off coming soon
hoping to start blogging more 
loving being home with my son to be his teacher and guide through life
listening to my son sing the potty song from Daniel Tiger
thankful we were able to chase a trash truck today!!
Right now life is busy and full of things to do. Fall is here despite the still hot temperatures. This is the season where we visit pumpkin patches, catch leaves, jump in leaves, pick pumpkins and apples and visit Apple Hill with Grandma.  Tuesday and Thursday Captain goes to preschool and I ‘m so grateful to have this time to myself. I’m substituting more so my alone time (during nap) is gone due to work. Captain is growing up so fast and is loving preschool. He is also saying the FUNNIEST things lately!! I am trying to be diligent in writing them down and my mother-in-law is getting in the habit as well. Captain is also drawing pictures of people!! Its very exciting!
My husband recently switched back to working overnight so that has been an entire family shift. Its very hard to explain to a 3.5 yr old that Daddy sleeps during the day.  And it makes for long stretches of days with the little guy and me. I have been using Pinterest to come up with ideas to keep us going; like sight word matching, Fall leaf counting and ABC sand digging.
I am mustering up the confidence to begin my scrap-for-hire. It has been a dream of mine for a long time now and I just need to make the jump. Helping people celebrate and document their stories is a passion of mine and I would just love to help people get those stories and photos scrapped. I will be a digital scrap-for-hire or Shutterfly hire. I would love nothing more than to do this and my name is already picked out!
Thank you for stopping by!! I will linking up with Ali Edwards and I hope to check some other’s posts soon!

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