Monday, October 1, 2012

Project Life Weeks 25 26 and 27

Just a photo filled post of Project Life Weeks 25, 26 and 27. Mostly photos because I am very very behind in sharing all my completed weeks and because I am heading off to work!

Here goes:

Week 25 both sides without the inserts

Project Life- Week 25 both

The left side- celebrating Fathers Day! And the Keep Calm Generator!! Love it!

Project Life- Week 25 left

Week 25 Right Side

Project Life- Week 25 right


Week 25 Inserts

Celebrating Fathers Day Front and the Back is Swim Lessons and the Flower Farm

01 SG 1 Project Life

More stories from the week

01 SG 1 Project Life1

LOVE LOVE and so THRILLED Becky Higgins came out with the 5x7 Vertical and horizontal Page Protectors. I use them A LOT!!

01 SG 1 Project Life2

Week 26 with All the Inserts

Project Life- Week 26 both

Week 26 the Left Side

Project Life- Week 26 left

Week 26 Right Side

Project Life- Week 26 right

Week 26 Insert- Front and Back Favorite Instagram/IPhone photos

01 SG 1 Project Life3

Week 26 2nd Insert- Front Swim Lessons and Back Trip to the Beach

01 SG 1 Project Life4

Week 27 with the Fourth of July Insert

Project Life- Week 27 both

Week 27 Left Side- TONS of digital stuff this week! Any questions let me know!


Project Life- Week 27 left side

Week 27- Right Side- TONS of digital stuff including the 3x4 cards and I altered a word art I  found on Pinterest

Project Life- Week 27 right side


The only insert for Week 27- Happy Fourth of July

01 SG 1 Project Life1-002


WHEW!! Hope you enjoyed!! And if you have any questions let me know! Happy Monday!



stephanievarno said...

These are fantastic layouts!! I love how you include inserts too. I do PL digitally and I'm going to have my pages printed as a book, so I can't really do inserts :-( I would love to be able to add extra stuff like that.

Cerise said...

Love your layouts!! I think I'm going to be wasting some time with the Keep Calm Generator. Don't know why this is the first time I'm hearing about it!


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