Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project Life Week 21 and 22

Hello! The ‘Life in Pictures’ keeps getting put on the back burner because I am not feeling my best. I am battling constant tiredness and am actually getting some blood work done to figure out the cause of all my tiredness. It has been absolutely no fun being so tired you can barely function. Anyways, on to Project Life!!


This Part 1 of 3 of Project Life posts!! I’m so excited to finally be sharing my PL week’s with you!!


Here is Week 21 with all the protectors

Project Life- Week 21 both


Week 21 without the inserts


Project Life- Week 21 both no protectors


Week 21 Left Side

Project Life- Week 21 Left


Week 21 Right Side

Project Life- Week 21 Right


Insert 1 of the Museum on the Left and the Zoo on the Right



Insert 2 of my son at the zoo on the left and on the right a NEW CAR!!


Week 22 without the protectors

Project Life- Week 22 both


Week 22 Left Side

Project Life- Week 22 Left


Week 22 Right Side

Project Life- Week 22 Right


The insert for Week 22 The front side (on the right) is a fun dinner at Dos Coyotes and back side is our neighborhood walk to celebrate Memorial Day. We counted the flags and marched with our flags.





Thank you so much for stopping by!! I will post Week 23 and 24 in a little bit!




1 comment:

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Great pages! I love the washi tape art! I'm totally going to let my son make some for our album - what a clever idea!
And good luck with your blood work. I hope they find the cause and that it's something easy to fix. I'm impressed you got pages done when you're filling poorly.


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