Monday, May 14, 2012

Week in the Life (lots of photos)

Hello!! I was waiting to post my finished album until Ali Edwards did!! I am so excited to share this project. It was a massive undertaking and, for me, the hardest part was putting it together. I had about 5 pages per day and I was completely OK with that. I just had to finish this year since I haven’t finished one year yet! And I had to squeeze in lots of extra computer time without feeling the Mommy guilt!

Here is the book! When 12x12 books go 50% on Shutterfly I will buy this book.
0 WITL page 0 10 WITL page 0 2
0 WITL page 0 4 10 WITL page 0 3
0 WITL page 0 60 WITL page 0 5
0 WITL page 0 80 WITL page 0 7
0 WITL page 0 9
0 WITL page 0 9 Insert Playgroup
0 WITL page 0 10 Daddy and Blake0 WITL page 0 10
0 WITL page 0 110 WITL page 0 12 Insert rainy wed0 WITL page 0 12
0 WITL page 0 130 WITL page 0 14 Insert Gma Skype0 WITL page 0 14
0 WITL page 0 150 WITL page 0 15 Insert Trash Truck0 WITL page 0 15 Insert Brushing teeth
0 WITL page 0 15 Insert Grocery Shopping0 WITL page 0 160 WITL page 0 16 Insert Us Table
0 WITL page 0 17 Insert Bs haircut0 WITL page 0 170 WITL page 0 18
0 WITL page 0 190 WITL page 0 200 WITL page 0 21
0 WITL page 0 220 WITL page 0 230 WITL page 0 22 Insert reading
0 WITL page 0 240 WITL page 0 25 b and me on walk0 WITL page 0 25
0 WITL page 0 26 Insert Reading0 WITL page 0 260 WITL page 0 27
0 WITL page 0 28 Insert0 WITL page 0 280 WITL page 0 29
0 WITL page 0 30-0 WITL page 0 310 WITL page 0 32
0 WITL page 0 34 end page

And that’s it!! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my album!! I hope to look at the other links on Ali Edwards later today!
Here is a list of most if not all (I think) the products used:

Thank you for stopping by!!!


Rosie said...

This is so cheery looking! Love your design :)

Estellita said...

Lots of colors, lots of life and snuggling !
Kisses from France

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this book you made! It seems so diverse and complete, but still sticks to the easy formats of using the PL layouts! GENIUS! I did a week in the life last month, but only made it into 7 layouts in my PL album.

So, do you make your pages in Photoshop and save them as a 12x12 image? Then when you go to print it on Shutterfly, you put each image on a page?

Also random question...I noticed that your photos have rounded corners even on non-PL layout do you do that in photoshop?

scrapinbabygal said...

At Jessbrees12:

Thank you thank you thank you so so so much for the wonderful compliments and feedback!!!
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!
I made everything in Photoshop and once I was done I did Layer- Flatten Image. Then I saved it as a jpeg. Now its ready to be uploaded to Shutterfly and since the WITL pages are pictures I select 'use picture as a background'. Then the image shows up in the Shutterfly book. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it!

And to answer about the rounded photo corners you can create a clipping mask. Make a Rounded Shape using the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Then 'clip' your photo into the shape! Easy! Any more questions feel free to email me!

Thank you again for the wonderful compliment!! It really brightened my day! :)


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