Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Project Life Weeks 13 and 14

I have lots of catching up as far as posting my completed Project Life weeks. I am up to Week 17 completed, Week 18 is started and I just printed the pictures for Week 19. I also started on Volume 2 for the year. Tomorrow I will show the back cover for Volume 1 Project Life.

Week 13 was a big week with the removal of my son’s cast AND his birthday!!! My Mom came to visit on his birthday!

Project Life- Week 13

Week 13 Left side
Project Life- Week 13 left side

Week 13 right side
Even though my husband didn't want to I made him take a picture of the cast being removed. My head was in the picture but Walgreens cut it off. And the Instagram photo of my son on his tricycle is him riding through the neighborhood yelling "Daddy where are you?" (Hubby was on his way home from work). And the bottom left photo is us at the park the day after the cast removal to exercise his leg. 
Project Life- Week 13 right side

A collage done in Picasa and then mounted on cardstock. All about the day we had the awful cast removed.
 Project Life- Week 13 insert cast

Another insert all about the special day with Grandma celebrating Captain’s 3rd Birthday!!

And here is Week 14.  
Not a great week for me since I spent a lot of time at Kaiser getting my blood drawn. We also celebrated my husband’s 29th birthday and babysat my cousin.

Project Life- Week 14

Week 14 Left Side.  
A fun 3x4 card with an Instagram photo for my husband’s birthday. And a 4x6 Picasa collage that I added some text in Photoshop.
Project Life- Week 14 right side

Week 14 right side. 
The top right 4x6 slot is where I put three Instagram on to tell the ‘fun’ story of Kaiser. I was/am so thankful my mother-in-law was there for me the whole time. I also included a Cathy Zielske tiny template for Jamba Juice with Daddy.

Project Life- Week 14 left side

An insert about our fun Sunday at the park. I took advantage of a free 8x10 collage at Walgreens. I always am on the lookout for these deals and I definitely take advantage!!
Project Life- Week 13 insert park

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