Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week in the Life Monday


Hello! I took a total of 175 photos with my camera and 6 on Instagram. 


I grabbed the camera many times when I wouldn’t have. Like, changing my son into a pull up when it was time for nap. Or, when I had my hands full carrying all the stuff when needed to leave the house. I am noticing that my son definitely doesn’t like the camera during certain routines where its not normally there. For example, during naptime, so I have to act quickly to snap a picture of us reading together. The only problem I foresee is capturing bedtime and my evening with hubby after Captain goes to bed. Even before this project these are the times I normally do not capture, but its important to this project so I’m going to try.

Here are some photos:

playing Legos while I make breakfast


too tired to make scrambled eggs. normally I eat Life cereal but I was out. So, I had to have my husband’s gross sugary cereal.


our morning routine includes a PBS show of either Curious George or Super Why


took my son and his friend to a local Bounce house place. so much fun! and the perfect way these 2 energetic boys out.


my sweaty boy and me.


went across the street to McDonalds for lunch. a definite special treat! and this is my 2 stories up in the play structure. And yes I did climb up here and snapped some pictures. Plus I went down the slide a few times.


reading at nap time.


sad Lulu since she had to go in garage during naptime.


our after nap activity involved this alphabet stickers and spelling words.


love love taking pictures of clouds


watched Mythbusters


Daddy is home and these dudes are sharing a favorite snack of pepperoni.


tried to get a family snapshot but it didn’t exactly work. oh well, these are better!


thanks for stopping by!!  have a great Tuesday!!


Andrea said...

Looks like a great day! Thanks for sharing:) Here is a link to my blog. I am trying WITL as well!

Pauline x said...

Thanks for sharing! That is true dedication to the cause going up the 2 storey plaything!! This is my first WITL and enjoyed my first day of photo-taking!


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