Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week in the Life Tuesday


Good morning! I took about 115 pictures, but we did have a playgroup and a wild adventure at TJ Maxx. When I saw Ali Edwards post with all the self portraits I really want to capture more of those moments with me. And today I have work for 5 hours so I am hoping I can convince my mother-in-law to capture a few pictures with my son. Anyways, on to the photos.

self timer captured us making pancakes.


yum. pancakes!


dancing and brushing our teeth


showered and ready for the day


waiting at Kaiser for my name to be called. thank goodness for the Iphone


more blood work. so tired of going to Kaiser.


little man put away with Kaiser and waiting so the park is definitely want he deserved. here he is running free.


oh my!! climbing so high!


swinging with his best gal pal CC


me driving


silly Captain in the back


dishes. not my favorite


picked out his 3 books for nap and totally tired.


went to work from 2:30 to 5:00

Captain woke up after only 1.5hr nap inconsolable. Luckily, my husband was there and offered to take him to our bed to cuddle. He went back to sleep and was still asleep when I got home at 5:05. Poor guy, he was wiped out!

our idea of a ‘restaurant’ has changed over the years. Del Taco is a restaurant and Captain is beyond thrilled to get to eat out AND at the restaurant.


going nuts in TJ Maxx. that’s what happens when Captain eats a good, protein filled meal. He put this hat on and said he was cowboy and was going to go capture a cow. The cow he captured is this red suitcase.


Grandma (my Mom) missed Skype-ing since we havent done it in several months; so we decided to Skype this evening. Captain was so excited to talk to Grandma and told her he loved her. Oh and wanted to see Papa and all the doggies.


Daddy captured me and Captain brushing his teeth.



Whew!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by!


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Stephanie Doyle said...

Great ideas! Loved following your day :)


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