Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Life Week 12


Are we all enjoying are first day of Week in the Life? I am and I just hope the excitement keep us! Also, I wanted to share THIS blog post from Lindsay Teague Moreno about how she decided to do this project because of how amazing (and priceless) it would have been to see a project like this from her mother’s perspective. This struck me so I immediately called my Mom and asked if she could answer some questions when I send them in an email. When my Mom was 26 she had me, my sister and my brother due in November. I was 2.5, my sister was 1yr and my Mom was 3.5 mths pregnant with my brother. She definitely had her hands full. My hope is that she can find a picture and I can make a 12x12 page with her answers to include in my book.

I also wanted to share Project Life Week 12.

Project Life- Week 12

Left Side

Project Life- Week 12 Left Side

Right Side

Project Life- Week 12 Right side

Insert of Two Digital Pages- The First Day of Spring and a playgroup at a local fish hatchery

Project Life- Week 12 insertProject Life- Week 12 insert 1

I will be back tomorrow with some Week in the Life pages!! Have a wonderful day!!


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Kelli said...

love your week! so great.


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