Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog your Heart

While looking thru some blogs I wound up at Stephanie Howell’s blog post about “Blog your Heart.” I just love this concept so I am posting to share what’s on heart now!

Blog- blog your heart

1. Struggling with how to manage stress and my time. Now that my shingles (triggered by too much stress per doctors words) is gone; I just have to try to not be so stressed. Its hard but I am trying.


2. My husband works overnights which is still hard for my son and I. My son is very active and requires something pretty special to capture his constantly-in-motion self. It is also hard on our marriage, the way we communicate as husband/wife and parents.  That is real right now.


3. I wish there was more ME time. I am always taking me son places and getting us out of the house so Daddy can sleep. Or I am at work. Its always go go go.


4. I am excited about Fall coming and wearing snuggly warm clothes. I miss my jeggings and boots.

5. I am trying more recipes and loving the results. I found a NO BAKE ENERGY BITES through Pinterest (of course). And they were amazing!! I also did a playdough recipe, but that’s not really cooking.

6. The house is always a mess and the laundry is never caught up. I work on the house in bits and pieces. That’s the best I can do now and I am ok with that.

7. I need to be better at getting back to people and responding to texts, invites and email.

8.  My son is amazing and makes me laugh every day. He says 123 GO every time he jumps off a piece of furniture.  Captain is also very busy, constantly making messes and taking things apart (right now it is 2 flashlights that he has taken apart). I am also slowly preparing TONS of activities to do with him. Keep your fingers crossed cause my son SOOOOO HARD when it comes to capturing his attention.


This is me, my life and what is going on right now. WHEW! This entry took me most of the day, but I am glad this is out there Smile


THANKS for reading!!


stephanie howell said...

Thanks so much for blogging your heart. I identify with so many of your thoughts. Xoxo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am so sorry you are having a rough time right now... {{{hugs}}}

KrissyClarkMcKee said...

I can completely relate to what you are going through! Just know you are not alone, and we all love you! P.S. I cant wait for fall weather and warm, snuggly clothes, too! Of course, with the weather in the 90's don't know if that day will ever get here!


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