Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello!!! Hope everyone had a good week. I had a busy week at work and getting my layouts together for Scrapbook News and Review. Plus, taking care of the house and my wild son Smile 
Blog- Scavenger Hunt

Here are my takes on the prompts this week.

1.  Low Key
Very stumped by this prompt. I am not sure what it means.  I am by no means a photographer. I just with our ‘low key’ day which is Thursdays. We don’t usually have any activities and there is no playgroups. We spent the morning outside. This is my son holding onto to me. Love this capture! 

me and little man

2. Monochromatic Color Scheme
Looking up at the leaves slowing turning yellow, but still mostly green. Its so pretty and I cant wait for FALL!!


My son and I also had a little “Science lesson” about acorns and how the squirrels love to eat them, but the ones on the ground they didn’t like.
brown acorns

3.  Circle
Looking thru to see my son at the play structure.
handsome dude

My favorite circle picture is during a trip to a Redding. My son climbed through the tunnel and as I went through I caught a picture of him. 


4. Scarf
No clue what to do for this seeing as I can’t find my collection of scarfs and its STILL HOT in CA. I just grabbed a funky rainbow one and snapped a picture. 


5.  Phone
My husband and I tend to keep all our old phones so we have several. My husband even has his FIRST one from 12 years ago!! I lined them all up from oldest to newest (my Iphone). 


THANKS for stopping by!! Have a good weekend!!


Valeria said...

Nice composition on circle

heather said...

Beautiful circle shot, that's a real keepsake for sure!

Nadege, said...

I love your circle shots.

Stasha said...

Loving your first shot!! Great circles too! and I remember when that Motorola came out, I had a yellow one for a while. Showing our age a bit here...

Tamar SB said...

Great shots, love your circle and phone shot! How cell phones have evolved!

Bek said...

Love your phone picture! Neat to see how they changed over the years..

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your circle shots - adorable!

Indrani said...

Terrific captures, loved the colorful scarf shot.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I love your circle shot. So adorable.

Sara said...

Oh I LOVE these photos!! Very creative! You are a great photographer. Would Love for you to link this post up at my photo swap going on right now!

Kathy said...

I just love that look you captured on your son in that first shot. Pure love :)


Life with Kaishon said...

I think capturing a low key day was a brilliant idea for a prompt. What a sweet picture. I love how you captured all of the prompts.


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