Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello. Sorry I have disappeared from the blogging world; I have just been working, chasing my 2.5 year old, removing my 2.5 year old from the ceiling or couch and spending more time (at night) with hubby. Smile  It has been a crazy, busy week and during down time I did nothing. lol
I am posting to share my finds for this week’s Scavenger Hunt
Blog- Scavenger Hunt

1. Old and New -----
my boots 1

my favorite winter boots that I wear all the time!! they looks rustic, oldish but they are new. just made to look weathered. this prompt had me stumped all week so this is a last minute effort!! 

2. Night Photography  -----


I sooooo wanted to take a picture of our beautiful bridge at night, but I didn’t get a chance. (And besides I can’t leave my son in the car nor did I want to go alone Smile ) So this is a photo from my archive. A old fashioned lantern in our downtown and one of my all time favorite photos. 

3. Music -----

Well, music to my son’s ears. We spent my husband’s last day off at the zoo and then went on train ride. 

4.  Cheesy ----  

An evening at the park and my silly son with his wild static hair after going down this massive slide with hubby. I took this prompt and stretched a little lol

5. Sun ----
kids and sun
The kids playing at the park.



Kathy said...

I like how the trees frame the light in your night shot. Very nice :)


Stasha said...

Lovely night shot. Sometimes shot you don't plan fro turn out great.
Your son is so cute with his static hair.

Cedar said...

Love that static hair! So cute! There is something about the boot shot that really draws me in!

Tamar SB said...

These are all great! Love the night shot and cheesy shot!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great work - I'm really loving your night shot.

Katie said...

I love the night shot, the light against the trees is so beautiful!

Photography by Colleen Goldhorn said...

I really like your shot of old and new(:

Mad Mind said...

I personally love the boots. They are great! Your night shot is really good.

Valeria said...

I had the same idea for night photography, but was too lazy to grab my camera.
Nice work.

Sara said...

Great set and interpretations. Love your night shot, love how the tree's are illuminated by the lantern. Cheesy is so funny, that train ride looks so cool, my son would LOVE that.

Kay Rhodes said...

I love your night shot...stunning. And the old and new is very cool. Nice photos...all of them.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Perfect perfect! Lovin' those winter boots- I can't wait for the cooler weather so I can pull mine out.


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