Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Life Week 34

Hello!! I hope everyone is having a good day. It is nap time here and I am snacking on animal crackers (so yummy!).  I skipped and ran out of time to post Week 33 so I made sure to get this post together today!!

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1. Sunday ----> a day at home playing outside. we also decided to have lunch outside.


2. Monday ----> no picture today. I went to work at a local school where I learned to play a card game called ‘Garbage.’ after doing all this substituting I have a HUGH repertoire of games I know and can play.

3. Tuesday ---->  went to our local KOA campground where my Aunt Uncle and cousin were staying. My son and cousin (who is 7) had a blast playing together and going down the BIG BOY slide! 


also discovered this interesting creature that looked like it had a stick stuck in it. I think it was/is caterpillar. 


4. Wednesday ---->   Playgroup day at OUR house!!! At one point my little man ran off and then 5 or so minutes he comes around the corner talking about the hose. Sure enough he set off the hose so that it was spraying like Old Faithful. 


5. Thursday ----> A fabulous FAMILY fun day!!! We had a blast together!! We went to the local zoo sanctuary, on the train and after dinner we went to the park. 


6. Friday ---> Playgroup!!! I had all the Moms sit the kids on the blanket so I could get some group shots. It was Mr. S’s last day in the group since his Mom got a full time job.


7. Saturday --->  A birthday party for my friend’s daughter. 




Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such fun photos! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. I love these. Looks like fun time at the zoo. Thanks for linking up.


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