Sunday, July 10, 2011


My blog might go in a new direction…. Sometimes I shy away from writing about motherhood because I don’t know if I ready to put myself out there in that way…..
Well, I am about to venture forth and try it… Be honest about being in the trenches of motherhood. 

My son is incredible and being with him is so much fun. Yet, my husband works long hours and I hardly have a break besides nap. I can’t seem to accomplish any ‘big’ summer projects since my son tends to climb and play with things that are unsafe. (Today it was pretending to crack grapes like they were eggs and then precede to move a table chair over to the microwave and stand on it to try to cook the “eggs”). I just wish he would play with safer things and preferable in his room. 

My little dude is in the full throes of being all about himself and doing what makes him happy. He likes to put on his on shirt, do things on his own turns and listen when he wants to. 

Since my son is so vocal and active I have been researching and preparing to start a little preschool with him. He absolutely loves to learn and doing these types of activities would further his smarts. (And it helps that I was a former preschool teacher before I had my son)

Tomorrow is a new day and I looked forward to our adventures together.
thank you for taking time to read this and any thoughts are appreciated

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

With having a boy and a girl... I think (my opinion of course...) that boys have more energy, and LOVE unsafe things! lol!! I could NEVER keep anything in my son's reach when he was younger... NOTHING... everything had to be HIGH and out of his reach...and I NEVER got anything when he was young... now with my daughter... for the most (except for the occasional temper!) part is calm as a cucumber... she plays by herself most times, will sit a watch an entire movie without moving... and I have had all my scrappy scissors, glues, papers etc in her reach since she was two and she has NEVER even bothered them... lol!! Two complete opposites!! LOL! Hope he does well in school! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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