Thursday, June 23, 2011

HEEEELLLOOOOO SUMMER- (lots of photos)

Where have I been for the last few days??? Thoroughly enjoying SUMMER with my son and almost 8 year old cousin! We have  had a blast together and of course I have taken well over 100 photos!! 

Here is a little family update:
My son has also kept me busy with his active nature and constant need to be learning and talked to about the world around him. He seems (to me) to be incredibly smart and amazes me with the things he says. 

Last night, he couldn’t find his cup of juice and he kept saying ‘ost’ ‘ost’ and I said to him “Are you saying lost?” and he replied yes! How he knew this and the right context to use it is baffling. And this morning he tried to threw a napkin in the trash, but he missed. He then said ‘Almost.’ 

As for me I am trying not to get down about not being able to clean or do any summer projects (so far) due to our busy schedule. I also am working much less due to less schools open during the summer. But, I am starting a little bit of ‘preschool’ with my son like sorting by colors, counting shapes and the alphabet. 

And here are some photos of how we have WELCOMED SUMMER! Forgive me- this is CHALK full of photos:

my son and cousin having a blast outside

a self portrait of me and my new hat with the dudes behind me

before lunch we took a quick (but very fun) trip to Chuck E Cheese

my hubby took this!!

one of our FAVORITE books is Mud, Mud, Everywhere and when we left the hose on it made parts of the grass become muddy. I immediately jumped in the puddle and said ‘Mud, Mud, Everywhere!’ My husband thought I was too silly, but Captain and I had tons of fun jumping in the mud. 


Playgroup Tuesday!! And all the kiddos having a snack together

this day I also started some ‘preschool’ activities. before my son I was a preschool/daycare teacher for almost 4 years. I got out some squishy colored bugs and frogs to sort by color in this try.

my son’s buddy Mr. E came over. they both loved feeding Lulu.

Wednesday: a red dragonfly!!

my son SO HAPPY cousin T-Bone was still here after nap time!

my Hambone cheesing for me after swimming

helping to push Mr. E; such a good friend!

thanks for taking a peek at our start to summer! It makes my day!!
Happy Thursday!!


Geri said...

Kids are so funny! My granddaughter Lilly looks to be about the same age and she sure amazes me with how smart she is. Love your sorting of colors!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME photos and loveeeeeee that dragonfly! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Great photos. I love Summer time.


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