Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project Life Week 24

Good afternoon everyone!! I am enjoying nap time right now and I have already scrapped a layout and done the dishes! Yeah!
I will be linking up for photos for Project Life Week 24 here:
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1. . Sunday June 12th --->
It was finally hot enough to bring out our new kiddie pool. My son absolutely LOVED being out there, but he did get some heat exhaustion due to the 1hr of sun w-no hat the next day. 


2. Monday June 13th --->
Due to the heat exhaustion we spent most of this day indoors watching Gabba and Curious George DVDs. My son was just not himself and running a fever until we ran to the store to get some children’s Tylenol. This is how yucky he was feeling: I was able to get ready in under 10 mins!!! WITHOUT my son climbing on the toilet, jumping on the bed or do some other destructive behavior. Smile So, due to this sluggish slow day I almost FORGOT (shocking to me!) to take a picture. I quickly snapped this photo right before bedtime with my phone. 


3. Tuesday June 14th --->
We had playgroup at the local park where all the roosters and chickens hang out. And the rain made a sandbox at this park. All the kids liked it! 


4. Wednesday June 15th --->
Another cell phone picture. My son and I straightened up his disastrous book case and reorganized all the books. 


5. Thursday June 16th --->
Two things today. First, we had a professional carpet cleaning service come out. And second I was able to go the movies (we saw Pirates of the Caribbean) with my friend, Rachael. 


6. Friday June 17th --->
Playgroup at our house!!! The kids had an absolute blast playing in the kiddie pool, squirting each other, eating snacks, running down our hill and just having FUN!! 


7. Saturday June 18th --->
I spent the morning cleaning the house and giving our dog, Lulu, a bath. Her she is trying to lick herself clean. 




Anonymous said...

Awesome photos this week!! I love that first one in the pool. That movie theater shot is great too. Thanks so much for linking up. Have a wonderful week!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME photos!! And that expression on his face in that first photo... PRECIOUS! :):):):):):):):):):)


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