Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Life Week 19

Good morning! Instead of blogging the latest Project Life pictures I spent the evening playing words with friends and watching TV with my hubby. And right now I am blogging instead of cleaning the disastrous house. Oh and my silly son is using his potty stool to turn on AND off all the lights in the house. Just a typical day!

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May 8th ---> Mother’s Day! I got to spend this day scrapbooking off and on the whole morning since my hubby was home. And then my Mom drove up so we could have a dinner at a local restaurant. This is my Mom, son and hubby holding hands as we went into the restaurant.


My Mom, sister and I outside the restaurant


May 9th ---> We spent an exhausting, but fun morning at Ikea. My Mom and Grandma had never been.


May 10th ---> Playgroup Tuesday. I picked a new park for us to try and the Moms loved it!! I also received an email while I was there that Scrapbook News and Review wanted to publish EIGHT of my layouts!

070 088

May 11th ---> It was a crazy morning trying to get ready! Since my husband sleeps during the day (works overnight) I have to get ready in the spare bathroom and our son has learned how to climb on the counter. This makes the getting ready process take 10x longer. Here is trying on my glasses and throwing toilet paper up in the air.

115   128131

May 12th ---> We had a very busy, but fun morning before I went to work. Right after breakfast workers came to fix a water pipe. Then we tried playing with ice cubes in the background, but Captain didn’t like them sticking it him. Then the little stinker got me all wet while he was suppose to watering the oranges. So silly!!

IMG_3197  IMG_3213IMG_3228 IMG_3258IMG_3262

May 13th ---> I “needed” some scrapbooking supplies so I headed out to my local store. I forgot the stroller so I had to hold little man the whole time which made me super sweaty by the end of the trip. lol.


We all had a SENSORY night exploring ranch dressing, shaving cream and oodles of soap bubbles!!

IMG_3317 IMG_3321  IMG_3346 IMG_3361

May 14th --->  We went shopping at Wal Mart and had a pretty hectic morning that involved a broken plate.


thanks for stopping by!! have a great day!!


Shannon Hager said...

I just love Green Tangerines! It is the best store and only 10 minutes away from me. They always have the newest products! Great pictures, your little man is getting so big!

Nati Tristan said...

You are so lucky to have an LSS near you! I don't :( And those pictures of Mr. Captain are to die for! He's getting sooo big! He's so cute!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooooo fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful week. Love all the photos.


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