Saturday, March 19, 2011

50th Celebration

My grandparents reached a HUGE milestone!! 50 years of marriage!! So incredible!! We all got together to celebrate at a nice restaurant in our town. It was a wonderful family time full of great laughs and yummy food. 

And in honor of their love I made a simple layout with a THEN and NOW photo using a Page Map sketch. I also made the flowers using Amy's awesome "Mountain Lily"tutorial. I used Cricut Accent Essentials to die cut the shaped flowers.

Here is a picture of the layout after I framed it (I could kick myself for not getting a proper picture BEFORE the celebration, but oh well)

And two great pictures my Uncle took of me giving the present 


Becky Andersen said...

Wow what an awesome present for your grandparents! You did a beautiful job on this! I know that they loved it! And what an awesome accomplishment for them to reach 50 yrs!!!!

Amarilys said...

what a wonderful gift for them Sabrina! They look like they loved it!


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