Thursday, February 24, 2011

Log your Memory Tidbits

Hello!! The work week is almost over so the weekend scrapping is almost here yeah!! I am filling out my Project 365 life cards and my Log your Memory is coming in handy. Its actually making it so I remember each and every day like they just happened!! And I thought I would share a few tidbits of my daily life!! 

Here are the pictures and journaling that I am SO GLAD I captured!!

*** I love that I was able to document a moment that was so precious and showed my son's smarts. He took a cup of water and promptly walked over to the sink and poured out the water ever-so-gently. It was like he had been doing it 100 times, but this was only his first time! ***

 *** This day- Jan 21st- was the first time I had to call in at my job due to my son being sick with yucky BMs. :) Sorry if too much detail!! Overall, he was fine but just not acting normal (it turned out to be eating too many oranges). We had an action-packed day together (but thats the norm with my son) and we did all kinds of stuff! I love that I was able to document my explaining to him that when we go into Safeway, to get his veggie pouches, there will be NO screaming for them. I told him he has to wait until we are done buying them! And the talk with him worked!! ***

 *** I love that I was able to document a conversation between my son and I that was utterly priceless and a real milestone is his ability to comprehend and talk in a conversation. He slid down the slide on his tummy and I told him "You probably shouldn't do that because it's not safe." He responded by saying "Bad dog" (this is what I USE to tell our dog Lulu). The VERY NEXT DAY he ran down the hallway butt naked because he didn't want to get dressed. I caught him and he responded by saying "Bad dop no no Bad baby" He called himself a bad baby!! I had to stifle my laughter!!! Luckily, three weeks later we have stopped saying bad dog AND bad baby! :) ***

I hope you enjoy those little tidbits of my life!! And I am SO EXCITED for this week's challenge (it's #8). It's document an object you LOVE!! And I am doing my IPHONE of course!!

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