Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Definition of a Scrapper


This pictures just defines me as a scrapper. Let me explain:
Whenever we go outside I always bring the computer so I can leave comments on sb.com, read blogs or doing other things. My son was playing when I hear him groaning and saying Mommy. I knew just by the way he was talking that he wasnt hurt, but most likely stuck somewhere. So, I go around the corner and sure enough he is gotten into this patch of dirt and grass and cant seem to get up. And rather than help (I did know he was not hurt or bleeding) I turned back around to go GRAB the camera. LOL. I just HAD to take a picture of my silly guy!!

he is the little abrasion he got on his face:



Megan Ann said...

lol, that is too funny!

Amarilys said...

too cute! LOL scrapper moms usually take pictures of their little ones instead of helping them up. :)

Melissa W. said...

LOL! Yep that's what us scrapping Moms do! hehe


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