Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hello Project Life 2014


Hello! I wanted to pop in and share my first three weeks of Project Life 2014. This will be my 6th year doing this project and it is still fun and I still love capturing everyday moments. Documenting our lives has become a habit that I love and cherish.

I thought I would do things differently this year and my first ‘idea’ was to use the same kit for one whole month. This was a bad idea! I wound up almost loathing the kit because I was using it so much! Once I went back to a different kit every week I was much happier. Another idea I am sticking with is adding in inserts for this year. In 2011 I went nuts with the documenting and inserts and wound up having 4 traditional albums. I’m not necessarily going for that, but I am adding several inserts for the month. Basically, I am not limiting myself to just the weekly documentation.

I am also using the RIGHT NOW card from One Happy Mama. It is perfect for capturing the little things my son says, adding something about my husband or documenting a story that didn’t have a picture.  Another consistent thing I use in my Project Life pages is Ali Edwards brushes. LOVE them!

Here is the first week of 2014 using the Blush kit




This is the second week and I started off using the Blush kit, but after much wrestling I conclude my problem was limiting myself to Blush. So I decided to use the Theme Family kit and recolored the Blush cards to coordinate with the color scheme of Family.



And my final share is week 3 of 2014. I went with Jade for this week and once again I started off using Blush. So, when I just recolored the Blush to Jade color scheme.




Thank you so much for looking! Have a good day!


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