Monday, November 12, 2012

Backyard Fun with Shutterfly

I have written a few posts on how much I absolutely LOVE Shutterfly to document our lives and I am posting another Shutterfly project. This is 1 of 2 huge projects from 2011; the 1st was our playgroup adventures and the 2nd was our Backyard Fun book.

I used Becky Higgins page templates found at Jessica Sprague as my foundation for the pages. I then used a variety of kits, elements and Ali Edwards brushes to complete the pages.


Here are a few favorite pages:

backyard fun 01 jan 2backyard fun 04 april 3backyard fun 04 april 6backyard fun 05 may 7 trevor 2backyard fun 06 june 4 swimbackyard fun 06 june 6 trevorbackyard fun 08 august 4 clean up 23 finalbackyard fun 09 september 3 hose pressure 21 edit 1backyard fun 09 september 3 large photo b and mebackyard fun 09 september 5 trevor 5backyard fun 10 october 2 fall clean up 2backyard fun 10 october 10 oct 30backyard fun 11 november 2backyard fun 12 decemeber 4 blustery daybackyard fun 12 decemeber 8 trash canbackyard fun 12 decemeber 10 outside 18 final


And here is the BOOK!!! I was so proud of myself for finishing this BIG project! And I absolutely LOVE the story of our Backyard Fun. It’s a huge blessing in our life to have a big backyard that we love to play in.

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.


Thank  you for stopping by!! And you should definitely check out Shutterfly to help with your family’s memory keeping!!


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Anonymous said...

I love your backyard book! It would be so fun to watch the seasons change throughout the album! C looks so different already!

I have been using Shutterfly to make my 2012 PL album and have been worried. WHen I am in preview or edit mode, the pages look a little fuzzy, not super sharp like they do in photoshop or as a jpeg. Does that happen for you? I wouldn't want them to print out like that and didn't know if I used too low of a resolution or something.


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