Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life Thursday

Hello! Yesterday I took a lot of photos with my Iphone and posted several on Instagram. My Iphone is always on me so sometimes its much more convenient. And on my camera I took 65. I am just so proud of myself for using the timer so much more. I am capturing moments that involve me which I just love. I am still struggling with the evening, bedtime routine and my time with hubby. As far as bedtime routine it would be up to hubby to take pictures since I ‘m preoccupied with little man. I’ll remind him tonight!!

I hope everyone is having fun with the project! I would love to know how you are complying this project!

Here are some camera photos, IPhone and Instagram pictures in between:

chasing the trash truck at 7:30 in the morning



convinced little man we should go get breakfast and since we were out of everything Subway breakfast it was.


snuggling and watching Curious George


brushing our teeth


me checking his teeth


ready for the day!



scrubbing the fridge together and making a grocery list


he knew if he had to go potty we would pass the Lego aisle on the way back. so he asked very nicely to stop and see them.


learning about the different types of veggies/fruits and their names


my good little shopper/helper got his favorite popcorn chicken at the end! I’m such a sucker!

our cart full of groceries. its quite a workout going with a kid especially when said kid had to potty THREE times!




a surprise package awaits me when I get home!



in between this is putting all the groceries away.

mass chaos trying to prepare my salad and some fruit to go w-the popcorn chicken.

and my son asking me 15 times to open the package

finally I open the package to discover a lawn owl I really wanted from Target that my Mom had bought me!! she always sends the best mail!! we love you!!


in between this is eating lunch, watching a Super Why about Princess Pea and a Curious George.

putting little man down for nap and reading three books.

sitting on the potty and Captain talking up a storm about ALL kinds of things.

during nap time I played on the computer, straighten the house and did some Project Life


after nap snuggles I got to work on the dishes


little man played with playdough while I did dishes


bringing in the trash cans together


running down the street to find Daddy and lucky for us there he was!!


running to Daddy!! so happy he is home!!


making pizza together




Captain did not want a haircut AT ALL but we insisted since he was way to shaggy


in between this is a giant mess of hair, lots of tears and then a fun cold bath to wash off the hair

a new kid snuggling with Daddy


look at this face!! up to mischief! looking so much older and grown up!




tickles for my little man!!


in between this is a quick visit from Captain’s partner in crime Pickle

them jumping like goof balls and playing with the couch (my friend took a ton of pictures)

putting little man to bed

he picked out 2 books (It’s my Turn and Let’s Play Safe) that were about being good friends at the park (perfect for are current learning theme: being a good friend, not being possessive, taking turns and using out words)

hanging out with hubby watching Modern Family





WHEW!!! I know that was a lot so I appreciate you taking a look!! Have a wonderful Friday!!



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