Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday



I know I kept promising my Week 10 Project Life, but this week was very tiring and slow. It was a rainy week and we spent most of the days inside playing with Legos and watching TV. I promise to have Week 10 and 11 on Tuesday!!

Today we continued our tradition of putting on St. Patrick’s Day silly hats and taking photos on the lawn. Hubby was slightly embarrassed, but he took some great pictures!

Here is one to share!




And now the prompts from Ashley Sisk:


1.  Vintage

An old train car we saw on the sign on the road. I had hubby make 2 U-Turns just so I could take a picture.

vintage car


2. Word or Quote

I took some of holiday decorations outside to take a picture. I love how this one turned out!



3. Nature’s Own

An photo from my archive taken on 2-26.



4. People

My amazing sister-in-law came to rescue on Wednesday when I was so tired. She even did some painting with Captain AND let him paint on her face!

5. Photographer’s Choice

Another sleepy, rainy day. I decided to wrap my son’s cast in a plastic bag and go outside! This is me looking up at the wonderful rain and enjoying the outside.

me rain

Thank you so much for stopping by!!



Tamar SB said...

What great finds! So cute letting him paint on his aunt! So cute!

Kathy said...

I really like your "people" shot...what a memory you captured!

Kathy said...

I really like your "people" shot...what a memory you captured!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love that first shot - adorable! Your nature's own shot is beautiful.

Valeria said...

I really like your Nature image.

staci said...

cool train! :)

Buckeroomama said...

Nature`s Own is so pretty... and I love that shot of your little one with your SIL. Precious memory. :)


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