Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project Life Week 10


Hello! Are we ready for another week of Project Life?

Our highlights from the week were 1 birthday, 2 surprise packages from Grandma and 1 baby shower!

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Naptime Momtog


Here is the week with the inserts:



Without the inserts:



Left Page

Sunday- a collage of photos taken by my friend from a birthday party. none of my photos turned out great.

Second 3x4 pocket is my son helping me cook meatloaf

Third 3x4 pocket has a snapshot of my hubby coloring on his phone.

Thursday- My son and his cars invaded my shower. He insisted I give his trucks and cars a car wash while I was in the shower. So, this meant a constant opening of the door and blasting me w-cold air. Not fun! But, I did wash the cars Smile

Friday- Two Instagrams snapshots of the day



Right Page

Monday- The best story was having a family game of throwing Easter eggs (plastic) at each other. It was hilarious!

Tuesday- Grandma’s Packages! They included Captain’s first set of Legos and 2 Curious George movies!

Last 3x4 pocket is a picture of the description of one of favorite shows, Grimm. I am trying to think outside the box when it comes to ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ ways to document our lives.


and the inserts:



Thank you for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

lovely pages! beautiful photos!

April said...

fun pages! love the colors...


Anonymous said...

Great pages. Hilarious about the car wash.


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