Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Daily 10th -- 15th

Hello! You probably think I stopped doing my December Daily book, but I have kept on plugging along! I just have been so busy, especially with my Project Life. I really would love to be done or nearly done by the new year so I am just humming along trying to get it done. But, to me, it doesn’t feel like a task; it is an absolute blast documenting, punching corners, writing and scrapbooking our lives in this format. I wish hubby would give a day to just do Project Life; that would be heaven! 

Anyways here are a few pages from December Daily! And I will be linking up at Ali Edwards site. 


a playgroup party since one of the girls turned 3! I loved adding the fun border at the top since it adds to the festive, fun of the party. 


dec daily 11
Simple page documenting my WILD night with my son and cousin T-Bone. I have honestly never seen my son SOOOOO hyper and excited to see T-Bone. He was just nuts!! Smile 


dec daily 12
A special treat of Jamba Juice for Oma. She had took care of my son while I was in the doctors and he was a handful. He peed on Oma because he got so upset I was gone. Such a mommy’s boy! lol 


dec daily 13
We went to Barnes and Noble to buy our Elf on a Shelf which my soon named Santa Claus Elf or Santa Elf for short. I edited the large, focal photos with Picnik. I also took a photo of the certificate in the back on the book and then edited and typed in the text using Picasa. My son woke up the next day, the 14th, to see Santa Elf had got into his stickers and made a trail of them all the way to the Christmas tree!


The left page actually has pictures from the first package that my Mom sent which was December 7th. And the right side is December 14th. My Mom is such an awesome Grandma and wanted Captain to have some special Christmas movies to celebrate the season.  

dec daily 15
 Christmas shopping! I edited the focal photo in Picnik and added the fun present border at the bottom. I love the colors and how it really ties both pages together. 

THANK YOU for stopping by!! Only 5 more days!! 


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Katie said...

I love how your book is turning out!


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