Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project Life Week 38

Hello!! Anybody staying up late with me?? I am currently watching Parenthood and blogging. I haven’t done a post about Project Life in awhile, but I am hoping that that will change!! I am determined! 

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1. Sunday

spent a wonderful morning together at the park

2. Monday


all the snacks to head out for the day (which included a disastrous hair cut for our son)
before I went to work my son took about 30 pictures of him, me and both of us. they are ALL priceless!! 

3. Tuesday

blake splashing blue park

My wild, loveable, water-loving, amazing son

Spent a fabulous morning with my friend Kristin and her daughter CC. Nearly three hours of fun at the “blue park” which features a blue fountain and ending with a special lunch at McDonalds

4. Wednesday

Spent the morning trying to clean the house and entertain my son. He got to wash his dinosaurs AND had to call Grandma to tell her ALL about it! 

5. Thursday


Made these AMAZING (and my FAVORITE new snack) No Bake Energy Bites. So EASY. So SIMPLE. And NO baking!! Found them on Pinterest! 

6. Friday


lollipops are the BEST part of the bank (for my son)

7.  Saturday 


Spent a gorgeous day at the park with Auntie Amanda and Oma.

THANKS for stopping by!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome photos this week. Love the ones of you and your son and the one of him at the splash park. So fun!


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