Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project Life Week 31

Hello!! I hope everyone had a good day!! I wanted to share my photos from this past week! It was a weird and sleepy week here. I decided to kick my energy drink habit so ALL my brain functioning power went OUT the window. I was just so sleepy and out of it. And I couldn’t find my camera for 3 of the 7 days (no brain power means I cant remember I left it sitting on the BBQ outside. silly me!!). Anyways, I have kicked my habit and feel awesome!! My energy is back up and I feel all around much better without my drink! Yeah!!

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1. Sunday ---> just a fun family day hanging out around the house. one of the cute moments was my son insisting the light switch plate be fixed with some a glue stick. he had overheard my husband saying we needed glue to fix it so he ran to the craft room to find some! LOVE him to bits! 


2. Monday –-> just a random picture of me. I look awful and the sun is in my eyes lol


3. Tuesday –-> playgroup tuesday. I had misplaced my camera so all I had was my phone. 


4. Wednesday –> our second playgroup that takes place on wednesday. this is such a phone photo with some of the kids hanging out at the table. 


5. Thursday –>  I snapped some pictures of lovely Lulu playing in the grass. Her and I are the least photographed ‘people’ in this family so when she sits still I try to get one decent picture. 


we also went out to dinner as a family which is rare. if we do eat out we usually bring it back to the house. I am sure all the moms understand this :)


6. Friday –> we went to our local community pool to swim. my son and Rachel’s son, Mr. E, are becoming quite the buddies. here they are holding hands!! melts my heart


7. Saturday –> We went out and did some shopping. I got to spend some money at my local scrapbook store and Daddy bought Captain a stamp set. 


thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into my family’s life!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeee these!!! I love that glue story....and Adam (14 yrs. old now!) had that SAME BUZZ...and now he has passed it on to Brookie! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Becky said...

That glue stick is hilarious & I TOTALLY get bringing take-out home. Dining out with toddlers is rarely fun. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun week. So funny about the glue. Yes I know what you mean about bringing it home. That burger looks delicious! Thanks for linking up.


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