Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life- Monday

Good morning!! I absolutely LOVE this project Ali Edwards does, but I failed last year to actually put the album together. And this year this week is not typical for several reasons: yesterday I worked a 9hr shift which hasn’t happened in many years, my husband is home on vacation and we are leaving for Nevada in a few days. So, really delving into this project wouldn’t be a true glance into our lives. I have just decided to blog about our week and NEXT week I will be doing an actual 6x6 album. 

I will be linking up with Ali Edwards:
blog- week in the life

despite me asking my hubby didn’t take any pictures of his day with our son. oh well. he was able to tell want they did so I wrote that down.

1. recess time at work and me sitting on top of the playground 


2. going to Wal Mart on my lunch for a little something for my boys. and then coming home to see my boys during my lunch break. I got myself some popcorn chicken, CK special summer magazine and Parents magazine.


3. playing apples to apples 


4. my son’s artwork on the dry erase board


5. Captain and Daddy coloring together


6. the dry erase crayons as my son is trying to climb onto the table 


7. husband playing some music while we all hang out 


8. LOVE this photo! my favorite of the day. my husband helping Captain to write the word MOM. so sweet! 


9. sorting his nap diapers into the two different designs

10. Helping me do laundry

and finally the daily sheets. I asked my husband and son what they were grateful. I love how my hubby was grateful for his ‘treats’ (sugar free Red Bull and BBQ chicken). And my son said PARRKK WEEEE (translation: going to park with oma, swinging on the swings) AND he added ‘dirty water no jump’ (translations: there was dirty water aka the creek and daddy said no jumping in it). 

I have a few more notes for the evening and I will finish that later. My son also added some of his own notes aka scribbles this morning.
witl monday

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!! I CANT WAIT TO LOOK AT EVERYONE’S FIRST DAY!! (I will probably due this after Captain’s in bed for the night.)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeee these!! How sweet are his convos with you!?!?!?! love it! :):):):):):):):)):):)

Becky Andersen said...

Hi there! Just had to stop by and see how you are doing! Can't wait to see your mini! Been missing ya!


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