Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello. Good morning!! We are just sitting here hanging out and waiting for Oma to come over. We are lucky to have a FUN day at the zoo and train planned!! Can’t wait!!
I will be linking up at Ashley Sisk’s blog:
Blog- Scavenger Hunt

1.  Music to my Ears
tried to get a cool angle on this awesome train at our local park. see those handle things? the kids can lift them and then they hit into the big round things to make music. its pretty loud but kids love it

2. Hat
a little bit of a stretch. my son pulled this crown/hat out and said ‘pretty’ I have no idea how he knew that word. 

3. Clear
my son taking a drink of water at the park. love this capture! 

4. Out of this World
every night this week I went outside looking for the moon cause I wanted a picture of the moon, but it was hidden or I just couldn’t find it. 

see that tiny itty bit dot- that’s a star. I just couldn’t figure out to get my camera to take a picture at night. any tips?? I have a canon sx 130-I

5. Sprinkles
watering the lawn. I decided to snap a few picture of me pouring with the sun in the  background. sprinkles of water, sprinkles of light 

thanks for stopping by!! have a wonderful day!!!


Katie said...

What a great set! That train looks like a lot of fun! I love the sprinkles shot, the sun looks so pretty in the background!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeee these! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Ashley Sisk said...

These are great - love that last shot - the sun is brilliant.

The Shades of Pink said...

Very cool park! Love when the kids shock us with a new word.

Stasha said...

Lovely capture, the sun in the last photo is amazing. And yoursonis drinking from a water fountain is adorable.

Phoenix Peacock said...

what a fun Clear shot!

Valeria said...

Love the sun flare on your last shot.

Tara said...

I love your sprinkle shot! And your clear shot! That is so cute of him drinking!

Kimberley said...

Great shots! Love the clear shot.



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