Saturday, July 16, 2011

This week in Pictures

Hi. This week has just flown by and I am still a little funky. By the end of the night I am exhausted from my full day with my son that I just want to sit and watch tv. Basically zone out. No scrapping. No Pinterest. No blogging. I just want to sit. Urggh its frustrating because I just don’t have the energy to do all I want to do. 

Enough of my funky mood. Smile I am here to share some Iphone pictures and my favorite photos of the week. 

Thankfully I had an amazing morning with my awesome in-laws (I am very blessed to have the mom in law and dad in law I have). We spent a beautiful morning exploring the newly renovated downtown area and then had lunch!! 

My IPhone pictures:
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waiting for daddy
waiting for Daddy to come home

first day of swim lessons- a TOTAL SUCCESS!! my Captain went UNDERWATER and got a BIG FAT COOKIE for his big achievement! 

sometimes as a Mom you use other body parts to hold things, open things, close things, pick up things etc. I had no hands left from all our shopping bags so I used my head to hold a bucket. 

took this to send my mom on the second day of swimming

I told my Mom Captain looked extra cute in his frog pjs so she asked me to snap a few pictures. I love that she told me since I seem to slip on documenting our life at night and especially at bedtime. 

the boys putting together a new weed eater together. 

mommy escaped the house yesterday to do a little ME shopping. I always take a picture of what I want to buy and ask my fashionista sister. 

words with friends..addicted

And my favorite photo of the week:
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blake and opa
today my incredible, loving, wonderful father-in-law having a good time with his grandson. priceless



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are awesome! I loveeeeeee the one of Grandpa and your son together! PRECIOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

rachel said...

such sweet photos. and I hope you bought the top, it's CUTE!

Courtney said...

That last pic is definitely precious! Great captures! Your little on is cute as a button and gotta love a bucket on your head. ;) Thanks so very much for linking up this weekend!

Captured by JennaLynn said...

Little guy is adorable!


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