Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Good morning!! I am here to post my weekly photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Yesterday, I went to a friend’s baby shower and I had a blast with all my Mommy friends. It was such good laughs, yummy food and we all got to hold the newest addition to our group, 1 mth old Miss E. And today I am hoping to get some laundry put away and cleaning done.
I will be linking up here:
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1. Long Exposure:
I wasn’t quite sure was this met,  but to me when I saw this viewfinder at Monterey Bay Aquarium it me think of this prompt. I was able to find a seal and rafters at a really long distance.
2. Shapes
This is the cupcakes, napkins and plates at the baby shower. All shapes.
3. Green
This is all our ‘baby’ oranges and tangerines growing in the backyard. I cannot wait for them to be ready to eat!!
This is also an artichoke plant that produces fruit that isn’t edible (we think?).

4. Fruit
On the drive home we stop at a local fruit stand to get some delicious cherries, apricots and one mango that was local.


5. Childhood Memory
I couldn’t really think of anything except that being on swings also makes me feel like a child again. I feel so free on them!

and come back later for Weekend Scrapping 2 this evening!


Mum of Monsters said...

I think my favorite is the swings photo! Swings make me think of my childhood too.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nice job - one of my fav childhood memories is being on the swings too.

Mad Mind said...

I would have to agree about the swing. It is so much fun!

staci said...

Love the fruit stand. and the swimg.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love these!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


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