Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project Life Week 22

Good evening!!

I hope everyone had a good day! We spent the morning at the park with some playgroup friends. And the afternoon was spent around the house folding laundry, scrapbooking, sticking stickers, wreaking havoc, cooking dinner, jumping off furniture and watching Curious George. Just a typical day! Tomorrow I return to work, substituting part time 3 days a weeks so Captain and I have several talks about not crying when Oma comes over and that Mommy will come back in a little bit.

Anyways I am posting to share my photos from Week 22. I will be linking up here:

Blog- NaptimeMomtog365Button2


Sunday the 5th: We started off the day RIGHT with some Jamba Juice and then went shoe shopping (got nothing which is shocking!! but they didn’t have my size).


Monday the 6th: I spent the morning with my friend Rachael and I told her go take a shower and enjoy yourself!! So, the boys played and had some wonderful fun in front of the diner cooking up all kinds of things.


Tuesday the 7th: Oma joined us for the first time at playgroup. She loved it!!


I also got my hair done during nap and after nap we went to Auntie’s to check on her dog. My little fish also got to swim!


Wednesday the 8th AND Thursday the 9th: We headed down to Monterey to spend 2 days, 1 night having an absolute blast. To see more look HERE!

IMG_5323 IMG_5683

Friday the 10th: We got back to vacation and then were able to go to an awesome playgroup at Miss A’s house. All the kids


Saturday the 11th: We drove to where my husband and his dad were working to visit them. My son was itching to get out of the house and I knew his first choice was seeing Opa and Daddy working with weed eaters.





Anonymous said...

Great photos. Looks like an awesome week. Those vacation photos are awesome! Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like an awesome week!! LOVING the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


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