Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project Life Week 21

Good evening! My name is Sabrina and I LOVE taking pictures. I love this simple project of taking daily photos to capture life that was started by Becky Higgins. I have an amazing husband and an incredibly smart, silly 2 yr old.

I have another week of pictures to share with you!!

I will be linking up with these blogs:

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May 22nd –> The funniest part of the day was seeing my son running up and the down intimating and acting exactly how our dog, Lulu, acts. It was hilarious!! And he evens barks like a dog!

IMG_3874   IMG_3876

May 23rd –> We got our son a new toy and the ‘dudes’ had an awesome time putting it together and playing with it!


May 24th –> My son is truly an outdoor kid and LOVES everything about nature and being outside. This was early morning and he decided to hide Lulu’s ball in the bushes. Of course, he thought it was hilarious!!! And then he went exploring in the bushes to find it!

IMG_3991 IMG_3997

May 25th –> As a ‘special treat’ I let me son use his potty stool to play with my scrapbook pens. Needless to say he is OBSESSED now and wants to go in there all the time. My husband took this picture hence the quality.


May 26th –> Not only did we have an awesome and fun playgroup in the morning; but after I got home from work we went in the backyard to paint. My son really enjoyed it, but of course preferred hosing off and getting wet better.


May 27th –> Out shopping on a Friday night!! Lots of fun!!


May 28th –> We had a fun filled day!! I went to baby shower in the morning and during nap; and after nap we went to CC’s birthday party! So much fun! All the kids eating cake!




Anonymous said...

Great photos. Awesome scrapbook room. Looks like a fun week. Thanks for linking up and Happy Early Birthday. Hope it is a good one.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooooo fun! I loveeeeeeee the barking story! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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