Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project Life Week 10

 So, my sick son (he is SO coughy and runny) and I were just playing, watching family-TV and I was looking at some scrappy blogs AND I happened to discovered some AWESOME Project Life blogs tonight. Don't you just love when you are hopping around the internet and BAM you find something wonderful!! 

Here is the first blog I found: Nap Time Mom Tog Such a wonderful, inspiring and fun blog! 

And the second blog is The Mom Creative

They both totally promote Project Life and have links for fellow PL people to add their weekly photos! 

So here are mine:

Sunday March 6th --> It was an awful yucky rainy day here and we couldn't go outside. Needless to say we had a bad day and Mom (me) was running out of ideas to keep my wanting-to-be-outside toddler busy. So, one of our activities was cleaning toilets. :) 

Monday March 7th --> After the rain came mud and my son got his first experience with mud on this day. He loved stomping in the mud, splashing in the mud and using his new garden tools to have fun. I, of course, took about 25 pictures. 

Tuesday March 8th --> We had our "park" playgroup at the local park here. All the kids were having their snacks together and it was just the cutest! 

Wednesday March 9th --> I know I already posted this picture, but I never gave an explanation about what I did. It is of my scrapbook albums and how I added titles to the spines. I used Cricut Lyrical Letters to make the letters. I did "vol" for volume and put 1, 2, and so on. I then used my Xyron to adhere them. I had been putting off this simple task for MONTHS so I finally just DID IT! Yeah me!! 

Thursday March 10th --> We went on a family walk today and I asked my hubby to stop and take a picture of my son and I in front of a beautiful, blooming spring tree. We also bought some NEW twistable crayons for son who is OBSESSED with anything related to paints, crayons and pencils. 

Friday March 11th --> Finally FRIDAY!! We spent some wonderful family time outside in the morning. I was writing in my Log your Memory calendar, hubby was having a snack and little man was playing with a bucket of water. Priceless moments :) 

Saturday March 12th --> Such an AWESOME day!! We were invited to our playgroup friend's son's birthday party. And my son had such a fabulous time jumping, playing, trying out the birthday boy's motorized train and tricycle. So much fun!! And since several of our playgroup friends have birthdays March, the birthdays are EVERY weekend this month (and we had one in February)!! 

I definitely have a BUSY but BLESSED life. So thankful! (but sometimes I think i take too many pictures lol) 

thanks for stopping by!!


Nati Tristan said...

I love blog hopping! I have been doing that a lot! And i love that picture of captain cleaning the toilet! LOL!

Sheila said...

Never too many pictures. Love the toilet scrubbing too!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Cute photos. Love the toilet cleaning ha ha. The last one is adorable!


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