Saturday, February 5, 2011


SO excited to announce that Scrapbook News and Review has selected FOUR of my LAYOUTS for publication. I was just screaming and jumping up and down when I got the news!! 

The layouts were:

Sweet Birthday Kisses -- my Mom and son on his birthday sharing some oh-so-sweet kisses
Wibble Wobble -- My adorable son taking those first safety steps in-between my husband and I
Mama's Matey -- My son and I on Halloween 
Over the Edge -- My husband and I need to clean the garage so we put our son in his walker. Well, he didn't like that so he decided to test his boundaries by going to the edge of the garage. This is very dangerous since we have a down hill driveway. He sure was determined though!! 

Here is the badge I get to put on my blog now:

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