Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project 365- Picture of the Day

First off Becky Higgins put up an awesome blog today about Project Life.
She even did a call for Project Life layouts!! Here is the
For my picture I am choosing the happiest moment of today which was when we were at the park. After my car barely started and going the long way to recharge my battery it was nice to finally arrive at the park and see my son having fun.

Its also the happiest moment since I am struggling a lot with being a working mom. Today I almost lit the kitchen on fire because I was juggling too much. My son needed help going potty but I was *attempting* to do dishes AND cook chicken. I come back from starting him on the potty process to see my spatula on fire!! YIKES!!

Plus since my son is so little he doesn't understand Mommy is tired and wants to take it easy. He just wants to play with me and have my full energy. Needless to say we are still adjusting even though its been two months.

Anyhow thanks for reading about my life!!

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