Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Log your Memory

To help with PROJECT LIFE I am using the awesome, fabulous LOG YOUR MEMORY calendar. I love all the space to write, the weekly challenges, the ideas for pictures and at-a-glance calendars. Its definitely worth checking out!! (and if you do purchase let them know i referred you :) )

Every week I get a weekly wrap up newsletter and I wanted to share a few of their ideas. 

One- Capture to a picture of yourself. I captured me AND my outfit in a clever way (I think). 

Two- Snap a picture of some receipts. I ran a ton of errands on this day and didn't take any pictures at the store. So, instead I took a picture of ALL the receipts

Three- Capture a picture of your weather.

Four- This was Becky Higgins's idea. To take a screen shot (or hold your camera up to the computer) and capture your neighborhood. I used my local scrapbook store for this example. 

1 comment:

Kristin Rutten said...

I love to hear about how people use their Memory Logbooks... thanks for sharing!! :)


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