Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Changes is the theme for this month.

I started a new job yesterday so I could make a little money and get away a little bit. I lose out on precious scrapping time at nap so that will be a BIG change to get use to. I just hope my husband will give me extra time to scrap.

My son also faces a big change with starting daycare on the 10th. Today he did a trial day and did pretty well. The biggest problem is when they tried to put him down for a nap, he was crying and crying. Hopefully, with time, my son will get use to having nap there.

The last change is making dinner ahead of time which wont be fun, but, again, I'm hoping my husband can help sometimes. He just doesn't care if my son eats all his veggies or not LOL.

All in all its a lot of changes in our house so I'll keep you posted on how things are going!

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