Sunday, April 1, 2012

It’s been awhile


hello, remember me?? lol. its been awhile since I did any blogging. it has been busy here and boring at the same time (with all the staying inside due to the cast).

here are some highlights from our life while I wasn’t blogging

celebrated the first day of spring by digging for worms outside. I had just come home from work and my son was laying a big guilt trip on me. And the perfect cure for my stinker is playing outside.


FINALLY finished this Pinterest Project!! Mason Jar Luminaries


another Pinterest project! these banana chocolate chip muffins are SOOOO good!!!


feeding his doggie smashed up chips


learning to stay in our bed is hard work. this was the day my son learned Mommy meant business when it came to staying in your bed. he got out of his bed 5 times and on the 5th time he had to go in the crib (we still havent taken it down, thank goodness). my son did NOT like being in the crib and wanted some snuggling and to discuss what happened after nap. seen here!


going to the local fish hatchery with playgroup. the whole time my little man was screaming YAHOOO because he loved feeding the fish! we definitely be going again, soon!


the CAST IS GONE!!! the day before little man’s birthday we went to the doctor’s to have it removed!! such a wonderful day and Daddy took the day off to be with us!


celebrating no cast with Jamba Juice! Captain’s favorite!!


my sister-in-law has been coming over and helping out which I am so grateful for! and to say thank you I took her to see Hunger Games with me! We loved the movie!! So good! IMG_8092

my Mom came up on the 28th to celebrate Captain’s birthday. it was a wonderful day full of shopping, treats, playing and celebrating


and finally lots of trips to the park to exercise Captain’s right leg. he came home very stiff and unable to walk. he does much better with climbing and riding than actual walking. I just pray my wild Captain comes back! I miss all the dangerous jumping, climbing, running and stunts. (never thought I would say that!)


Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you all have a good Sunday!


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