Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Vacation Week

Hello!! We are spending this rainy day catching up on laundry, organizing a few things and hanging out in PJs. Oh and we did have 1 really long not-so-fun time out for little man. He threw some shoes at me. Fun stuff!! 

My husband was off work all last week since he is changing positions. We spent a whole week together going different places. It was definitely what we needed since my husband works overnights, four day in a row and 14 hour shifts. 

Here is a peek a what we did:
 visiting a Discovery Nature Science Center

 getting a haircut from Daddy

 checking up on my in-laws dog Bella

trip to the zoo. these monkeys were having a serious conversation.

Hubby and I. We took a picture in this same spot about 8 years ago. 

a trip to the Children’s Museum where my son got to build with his pipees (that's how Captain pronounces it)

the worker man hard at work. 

walking up and down the stairs

Playing at the bounce house with some playgroup friends

Whew! We were so blessed to have this vacation. I will have another post about this week tomorrow with Project Life Week 3.  

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

1 comment:

Gina Kleinworth said...

What a fabulous time- love that shot of you with the hubs.


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