Friday, December 16, 2011

Project Life Cover Idea

Good evening!! Just wanted to share with you my idea for a cover/opening page for a Project Life album. 

For this year I may be having 4 volumes so whatever months a volume covers then I include photos from those months. 

These opening and closing pages are Volume 2 of these year and they cover May through August. I selected a favorite photo (not previously used in any way in the volume) and put it in one the slots. I then added some October Afternoon stickers to spell out the month. Lastly, I cut some Project Life cardstock to add in the smaller slots. 

Here it is:

project life vol 2 cover

the back page- I again photos from the same months that were not previously included anywhere in the volume. I choose some special moments from each of the months. May- first family bike ride June- date night that only happens once every 3 months July- Vacation to Nevada August- a family day out.

project life vol 2 back

See! Very simple and completely doable. Plus more photos are documented; which is always a good things. 

What are your ideas for cover pages?

Thanks for stopping by this late!!


Monica said...

Great idea using a picture from each month!

Monica McNeill

Kathy said...

I love your idea of choosing special moments to wrap up the month. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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