Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Good evening!! I hope everyone is having a good weekend! For the first time in awhile my husband is off on a weekend. We have had a wonderful time just lounging around and enjoying the rain. I also have been busy with work so I some of photos are from my archives.
Blog- Scavenger Hunt

1.  Food
Our Halloween playgroup party! Not the best picture, but I had my friend’s baby on my hip so I’m impressed its not blurry!  


2. Purple
These are from my archives. I love taking pictures of flowers and these are two of my favorites. 


3. In Disguise
My silly friend, Rachael, in a store.

silly rachael 

4. Shapes
We have recently falling in love with a place called Bounce Palace. My son is overly active and in constant motion so these bouncy place is the perfect place to burn some energy! 


5. Photographer’s Choice
Whether it be global warming or not the weather in CA has been strange. It was hot up until a few days ago. So when my son grabbed the hose I just let it go for it! This was last Sunday! He had a blast getting soaked in his clothes! 

water drops blake backyard

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Sunday!! 

(and on a side not I am working on a video to show my first volume for Project Life! So excited!! Stay tuned!!)


Nadege, said...

A very colorful post. I think all your images are great.

Tamar SB said...

Great finds this week! Those cupcakes look amazing!

Kathy said...

I really like that first purple is as if that flower is reaching up to grab the sun!


tiarastantrums said...


Andrea Dawn said...

Love the second purple shot (hollyhocks, yes?) and the water drops in the last one are awesome.

Ashley Sisk said...

YUM - those cupcakes look delicious. And I really like your in disguise.

Kim Stevens said...

How fun is your last shot!! And pass me a cupcake, please!

heather said...

I love your last shot - what a great capture of the day :)

Mad Mind said...

I love your shapes. Very nice!


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