Monday, November 14, 2011

Project Life Layouts

Hello. I wrote on Saturday that I wanted to get back into blogging. Within the last few months my focus on scrapbooking and memory keeping has changed. It all has to do with Project Life. I have done this project since it came out in 2009, but it was more of another Project. But now, I have come to the awe inspiring realization that THIS is no ordinary Project. It is what I WANT to do with my pictures, it is want I am passionate about, it is what I look forward to doing after my son goes to bed and it is the way I want to document our life. (you have to know you are a true Project Life-er when you see punched corners ALL over your house!)

Project Life has enabled me to have freedom when it comes to the 1000s of pictures I take in a month. I now completely understand and am OK with using these precious, priceless photos in my Project Life albums. They are the ordinary, everyday walks around the neighborhood, playgroups, brushing our teeth, swim lessons, backyard fun and so much more. Realistically, I will never be able to scrap all these photos and I should not wait till the right moment or find time to scrap these photos. I now firmly believe the best place for the majority of my photos is in our Project Life books.
Most of weeks use the basic foundation kit offered by Becky Higgins at Amazon (click link to see all the products). I don’t stray too far in terms of adding extra supplies; but I will be doing this in my son’s Project Life album that I just recently started. And for each week I take an average of 350 pictures. That can be daunting, but like I said I am comfortable and love that I have the ability to instantly add this photos using photo sleeves from Becky Higgins or We R Memory Keepers. Most of our weeks include an extra insert or two. (For one BUSY week in September week I had 6 extra photo sleeves!!!) It is beyond rewarding to see our lives documented, preserved and showcased in this easy format.

So, to sum up I will be focusing many posts on Project Life- showing you the weeks I have completed, what works for me, videos for my completed volumes (This year will probably have 4 volumes and I just finished Volume 2) and sharing my latest project of doing a Project Life album for my son!! I will also be blogging more about our daily lives and sharing more photos. 

It should be fun! I absolutely believe in recording our everyday lives and to be realistic with the time with have to be our families memory keepers. 

Here is Week 27




the first insert where I cut a We R memory Keepers page protector in half

another cut-in-half page protector

Design B is by far my FAVORITE to use!! I love the versatility and number of photos.

another We R Memory Keepers photo sleeve- all 4x4. I add some Echo Park stickers, paper and journaling card

These are just a sample of 2 weeks that I have finished!! 

Coming this week:
A photo shoot at the park
Project Life 2011 Volume One Video
Recap of Week 45 and linking up with Naptime MomTog and The Mom Creative
My Project Life Station inspired by Marcy Penner
Hope you found this post inspiring! have an awesome day!!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving these!! Great pages! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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