Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello!! Hope everyone has a good week!! I just wanted to share my takes on this week’s items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
These prompts were super hard for me to figure out. I did the best I could!

1. Bokeh
Ok I cheated a little and bought an app that does the Bokeh for you. I don’t have a fancy camera nor I have the lenses nor do I have the experience with it.

2. Process of Elimination
I really tried to understand this prompt and did some research, but I am still not sure if I got the perfect shot. Today we went to an Airshow and we sat where there some telephone wires so I had to zoom in, but remove those from my view. It took a few tries, but I got the plane centered.

3.  Remember
Ever since I was little my Grandpa has had a bowl of candies at his house. I went there on Friday and, sure enough, he had a bowl of candy. I immediately thought of this prompt.
grandpa's bowl

4.  Flying High
We spent Labor Day morning with my cousin, Aunt and Uncle at a local park. There are giant 4 foot tall tires that kids love to climb on. This is my cousin flying.
Trevor flying high

5.  Statues
My son and cousin on top of the huge tires looking like statues.

And a literal statue down in Monterey from my archives.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Mum of Monsters said...

I really love your remember shot.

Desirae R

Cedar said...

What a sweet memory and photo to go with it! Fun bokeh texture and fun park time!

Tamar SB said...

These are great! Love the flying high and remember, so sweet!

Katie said...

What a great memory to remember. I wish I knew there was a bokeh app, I had a really hard time with it too!

deb duty said...

Looks like the kids had fun at the park!

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I really like your first two shots!

Valeria said...

beautiful bokeh


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