Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project Life Week 11

Its that time again!! To post our weekly photos from this past week!!

(and since i cant figure out how to link the two blogs with the pictures i just used the names. sorry)

Sunday March 13th--> We spent a wonderful day at my in-laws GOLD PANNING!! They have a beautiful home with 5 acres and our little man just LOVES to explore. It was quite an adventure taking him down to the creek since he didn't want to wade- instead he wanted to SWIM!! My little dolphin :)

These mushrooms were on an old tree stump and thought they look so cool!

Opa talking to Captain. So precious! 

Monday March 14th --> As I was brushing my son's teeth around 9:45am it suddenly dawned on me that we had his FIRST dentist appt today at 11am!! I had to scramble to get ready! Luckily, we were only a few minutes late and B did an awesome job saying "aww"

Tuesday March 15th -->  It was a yucky and rainy day today. We spent the morning watching the rain at the screen door and chasing Lulu around the house. After I came home B decided to do some exploring. He got real quiet, which is usually not a good sign, and then I heard clanking of metal. Sure enough he helped himself to some spoons and started eating salsa!! As a true picture addict I told him to keep going and let me get the camera!

Wednesday March 16th --> I finally got my hair done after three long months. :) This is me under the dryer to get the color to set!

Thursday March 17th --> St. PATRICK's DAY!! I took my son outside to do a little photo shoot! And then my husband was kind enough to come outside and take a few more pictures!

Friday March 18th --> My sweet husband making me a sandwich before I headed off to work. 

Saturday March 19th --> A wonderful family celebration for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. 


Nati Tristan said...

Happy 50th Anniversary!!! My parents are turing 51 in may! I lvoe the wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to your Grandparents! Yay for getting your hair did. When you copy the code make sure you paste it into the html view of your post. Then when you switch to preview mode it should work. Thanks for linking up! Have a great week.


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