Sunday, August 29, 2010

Motherhood Thoughts 2

I got my hair done and when I got home my son did the sweetest thing. He came up to me (I was at his eye level) and gentle touched my hair because he knew something was different. So sweet!!


August 27th
I had a ‘bad’ mommy moment today. My latest scrappy toy is the Pink adhesive gun and my son grabbed for maybe a minute and gummed it up. I started freaking out and was literally throwing a tantrum. I didn’t say anything to him, but he did see get stomping, silly mad so I am sure he thought I was just being silly. Even still, I felt bad since I was able to quickly able to fix it. Sigh sometimes the little things can trip you up


The 21st to the 24th Captain probably ate the most junk food EVER! And this caused really bad bowel movements. After several days of this and weird rash we were finally told to go into the doctor. All the doctor could tell us was that (DUH) it was the cruddy food and some antifungal cream will help.


August 28th
The BIGGEST spider ever was on the counter and then jumped off the counter. I screamed and ran to get our heavy granite trash can to cover it. I had my hubby kill it once he got home

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